Mom Entrepreneur’s

We have things that drive us in our everyday life – mine is to be able to afford the lifestyle i.e supporting my child’s Jr. Rodeo Dreams that includes 6 head of horses, 4 goats, and multiple other accessories that comes with the dream. You know pickup payments, shoe bills, diesel to get to the rodeos, new break away ropes, goat strings, cowboy boots (she literally wears a pair out in 6 months) and so many other small details that no one really knows unless you live that life! So to help fund such activities I created my 101 business which has done great to help combat the ever growing demands on my wallet.

But today’s blog isn’t about my business its to all of my fellow Mom Entrepreneur’s out there doing there own hustle! I admire so many of them and there own drive to make it work for them. So in honor of the motivation they have given me I want to pay forward each week by sharing there own unique businesses with the world!

Freshie was created by a fellow Idaho Girl and former Miss Rodeo Idaho & Rodeo girl Hali Stutzman, she is a mom to two of the cutest kids going down the rodeo trail! Not only does these awesome little smell goods for you cars she does custom purses, jewelry and so many other items!

Check her out on Facebook & Instagram @Halistutzmanoriginals – you won’t be disappointed!

The Jr Rodeo Mom


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