Dash Board Dreaming ….

It’s Friday the kick off of Cowboy Christmas and 8 years ago I would be patiently waiting to get off work to load up and head off on a rodeo run … fast forward 8 years later I am still finishing a horse who has yet to enter anything but an Idaho Girls Rodeo and local barrel races. He has yet to experience a “real” rodeo, never ran under the lights or into a set of bucking chute loaded with bulls, but slowly I am keeping the dream alive and will eventually have to bite the bullet and just enter up to see what happens.

I of course have high hopes that he will be the next “Princess” that will help me chase my next round of rodeo dreams you know win Caldwell & Pendleton make the circuit finals and just have a shot at an American Qualifier. WE all have to have dreams … my luck it won’t be me jockeying him at any of these events but the tiny human who hands down rides better than I ever dreamed.

But tonight I won’t be loading up to go to a rodeo or even the Stampede Qualifier, my tiny human will be jumping in with someone else at her shot to run at the big show. Me I will be side hustling to pay for the dream, because at the end of the day I have made it my priority to make sure that the tiny human gets to keep going down the road.

I am hopeful that the side hustle will eventually pay for the added extra to afford that both of us get to go down the road more – because at the end of the day we are all chasing those gold buckle dreams!

Happy Friday!

The Rodeo Gypsy turned Jr. Rodeo Mom




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