Happy Birthday Papa

Today is a very special day in my family its Papa Brent’s birthday and for Taylor (AKA The Ging) this is where her name came from. She has always been very possessive of her papa from the time she was a tiny little girl when his other grandchildren would come over she would make sure they knew that was “HER PAPA”!

I was blessed to have the support of Brent from the time I was younger, he and my mom have dated since I was 8 years old and was the reason I had some of the nicest horse a kid could ask for. Not only did he help us with our horses but with picking out track spikes and advice in sports.

When the tiny human was born no other name seemed fitting but to call her Taylor and she has lived up to her name. Most people around the race track (papa was a race horse trainer) just call them Big Taylor & Little Taylor he couldn’t go far with out her tagging a long behind him.

These days the two Taylor’s spend as much of there time as time will allow together, sometimes weeks on end during summer breaks. Where they can be found at the community library, going to the many Oregon Trail historical sites, visiting with papa’s friends, learning to shoot her 22 with accuracy or just sitting in the chair enjoying a basketball game or horse race. Papa is her ideal, her hero, her safe place.

So with much love Happy Birthday Papa Brent – Thank you for being the best papa & name sake a little (and older) girl could ask for!

The Rodeo Gypsy turned Jr Rodeo Mom

(the little christmas elf & Papa 2012 – – Little Taylor, Big Taylor, and Nana)


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