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Victims of Rodeo Romances

Valentines day, a day to show someone how much you love them by the expensive gift or gifts you get. For those in the rodeo world there are two kinds of love – one is the love of our horses. Nothing can compare to the love a horse girl has for her 4 legged barrel/rope/cutting whatever horse, I know that I have told more than one former boyfriend that my horses will always be more important than you. Upon reflection this could also be the reason why those relationships ended, note to self maybe don’t drop that line so soon?

The second kind of love is “rodeo love”, now what is rodeo love you might ask? Well for those of us from the Northwest it has a timeline … meet at a summer rodeo, Caldwell perhaps, jump in head to the Horse Heaven Round Up, then maybe Walla Walla or Ellensberg is on the way too, lets not leave out good old Lewiston and finish Strong at Pendleton. Now by Pendleton the romance is wearing off, fall is coming on and its time for our new found friend to make there way back to where they originate from, maybe it was Texas or Oklahoma, the Blackhills of the Dakotas, but they certainly aren’t from here. This is when the famous “Un-Notified” turnout game is its strongest, some attempt to end of the relationship nice and easy others like myself just stop answering.

SO in honor of both those worth while relationships I had to create a shirt to go with it! The horse girl who loves her horse and us rodeo girls who know your about to be our next victim or maybe your both!

~Happy Valentines Day ~

From the one and only Rodeo Gypsy  

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How to Survive a Jr Rodeo Weekend …Coffee & Cocktails …

Another weekend gone and another Jr rodeo  under our belt … Its Monday and I am exhausted and happy for my 8-5 desk job it gives me a moment to relax unwind and breath. I would like to say that this weekend provided us with a bunch of wins, but just as rodeo likes to show you that not every time you enter up you will leave a champion.

The key to success as a mom is to stay hydrated ie make sure I have my coffee, plenty of water during the day, and an evening cocktail to unwind. If you have never seen a jr rodeo mom in her natural habitat you definitely are missing out (or maybe your not). I can get slightly wound up – okay a lot wound up – Taylor on the other hand is a care free spirit she tells everyone good luck and asks how there run goes she is a goof ball and is I swear only entered for the social aspect of the adventure. Which in all truth drives me absolutely nuts!

I would like to say I am one of those jr rodeo moms who keeps times knows exactly where her kid falls at the end of her division, but I have absolutely no clue. I do however know that the horse is saddle correctly, splint boots and bell boots are on and that I have the correct day sheet (sometimes). I am starting to learn that I have to let go and make Taylor more accountable at rodeos, or she will never be able to haul and travel on her own. This is going to be hard for me, because I know that she will struggle a bit not because she isn’t smart but because she is a social butterfly and some times she isn’t paying attention (I see us missing a few runs in our future).

So happy Monday – Cheers to Coffee & Cocktails to get us by!

The Rodeo Gypsy turned Jr Rodeo Mom


Inside Jokes that led to Big Ideas

I always have been known for saying what ever came to my mind, this at times doesn’t always play out well for me, but usually ends in a great story! That is were most of my shirt and hat ideas have come from and this months shirt is no exception to that!

During what I like to call my “Fitch” years I was known to have maybe to good of a good time, and “Fitch” (my alter ego as she became known to people) had her own way of telling people or cowboys just how it was going to be.

So in honor of the Summer Run starting my June t-shirt is dedicated to the Cowboys who might have gotten one of those Fitch “Un-Notified Turn Outs”.

You might ask yourself how does one become an “Un-Notified Turn Out”, well if you rodeo that is defined as a contestant who fails to notify the Rodeo Secretary before hand. In a rodeo relationship it simple means that one day you just stop calling or answering the phone. Not always are these relationships bad endings usually its mutual its just one of the many ways these things end.

So cheers to Your Next Un-Notified Turn Out ~

The Rodeo Gypsy turned Jr. Rodeo Mom