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Dedication & Determination … Traits I Wished I Had

My daily alarm goes off at 5 AM I have become that annoying morning person, I love mornings the quiet before the day gets started how that wonderful first (and second) cup of coffee tastes un-interrupted by the demands of the day. I know I know none morning people hate people like me.

This alarm is even more important these days as The Ging took up Volley Ball this year and the practices are held daily at 6 AM, I am always impressed with my kid, but this commitment to daily Volley Ball practice has me in awe-struck. For so many reasons …

One my kid is not a “morning” person, if she could sleep till 11 she would. So, when she came home after the first two days of practice and announced 6 AM would be the 7th graders time for training not after school I reminded her that she is now part of a team and they count on her to be there daily so no excuses like “mom just five more minutes I am so tired” or my favorite of nonverbal response but a pulling the covers over her head and hiding.

We are now on week three of this great adventure, we have survived the early mornings with little push back to getting up so early. To the point where she has her lunch and back pack ready the night before, clothes picked out and hung on a hanger, and her work out clothes next to the bed. To say that I am not impressed by all this is an understatement. But last night really made me stop and be proud, she asked if I could get her up earlier to be there when her coach was setting up so she could work on the skills, because she isn’t playing her position like she thinks she should be. Two things you should be aware of – this is her first time playing Volley Ball and clearly I didn’t partake in the sport unless I was voluntold by PE teacher I was participating and second she was lucky enough to be chosen for the A Team, where she is the smallest player on the team.

It is important to her to do well in this sport, not because she thinks she is headed for a Division 1 scholarship, but because she likes to be good at the things she sets her mind to. Her continued drive and determination pushes me, I am sure she doesn’t know that, but it does.

She is transforming into everything I wished I could be and I admire her for that!


So happy Motivation Monday!


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