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The lesson of day 2 … Morning revelations & the three things that are leaving me in my RUT!

Morning reflection is something I picked up long before the new year started, it is a habit I am thankful I picked up. It’s become my time to drink my coffee and be in a quiet space before the world really gets going. This mornings reflection came with the help of my morning Facebook stalking and the discovery that one of my long lost goals that continue to come up in conversation might be attainable.

Let’s back up 17 years ago when I embarked on a not so educational trip to college. Now it was educational in the art of throwing great parties, meeting awesome people and as my mom put it my daughters major “her horse and boys in Wranglers”. My three years at a two year school were less than successful, and then I became a mom and my college days were long gone. Fast forward to this morning and a friend (yes we are actually real life friends) on Facebook shared that my two year school was working on a program for non-traditional students to finish! This article breathed life into a goal that had been eating away at me for some time now, I realize that it’s not happening tomorrow but it gave me hope and a prospect of completing a long lost goal.

As I settled into day 2 of my 21 day unstoppable Influencer challenge we were asked to write one to three things that inevitably were the root cause of me being in a daily “RUT”, and I was hit smack daub in the face with some hard truths. I knew exactly what I was doing that left me spinning in the same circle I have been in.

1. The innate ability to get stuck in a bad mood, and allowing that bad mood to follow me into other parts of my day. This has got to go I told myself! I needed to reflect on all the good things that I have in my life, and not let the bad or others attitudes define how my life is going to go.

2. (This is the hardest to admit) That ugly green meanie we call gossip and jealousy. I hate myself for even putting it out there but it’s the truth, I really had to have a long hard look at what I was spewing out of my own mouth knowing that I am a better person (or I hope that I am a better person than this).

The third and finally thing (oh boy another hard truth to swallow) I am a yeller, if you are just getting to know me via my writing then lucky you the rest of the world or the rodeo world know I am yeller (not all yelling is in mean spirit), it is one of the characteristics I inherited from my Grandma Berdean. The yelling I am referring to is the yelling or raised voice that I use to get my point across to my kid. We have hit this teenage thing that I myself am tying to pretend I never put my parents threw.

So there you have it my three ugly truths that I have voiced out-loud for all the world to read. These three things that weighed the most on my soul today and I am sure few other days as well. So where does one go from here? On ward and up ward to become a better version of myself.

Much love and hope of understanding-

The Rodeo Gypsy turned JR Rodeo Mom


The Beginningg of becoming an Unstoppable Influencer – day 1

A few days ago my friend was telling me about this thing she was going to do, and to be honest I usually just use lip service and “say wow sounds great let me know how it goes”, but for some reason I tuned everything out to listen. Whatever she said really encouraged me to join her in this journey, and me being the go for it kinda girl I am of course joined the challenge and downloaded the audio book along with the digital copy so I could jump right in.

Tonight was our second live conference and first challenge, I have been listening to the audio book for two days started writing down things that “hit me” and the one theme that keeps coming back to me is to go back and complete my tasks. I know sounds a bit trivial, but I am a habitual none completer of tasks.

One of the tasks that has continued to bother me that I didn’t complete was my purchase of The Elite Blog academy in 2016. At the time I was all about writing a blog, I purchased books and started working on content and began doing the work sheets. Well some of the worksheets okay let’s me honest I printed the first two chapters and quit it like a bad habit. I can give you some sob story about how my life fell apart (and it really had for the millionth time, but that is another story of another blog post) the truth was after I published my first two blogs and had little response I just gave up. I thought people were going to flock to my site and leave me rave reviews about how funny my stories were. I wanted instant gratification!

So with this challenge I am encouraged to go back and finish what I started, and I am hoping my daily journaling via my blog with keep me accountable to become The Unstoppable Influencer I have always thought I was!

So goodnight my friends & stayed tuned!

The Rodeo Gypsy turned the Jr Rodeo Mom