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The Creation of the 101 goes hand in hand with my western lifestyle! I fondly have joked for the last seven years all I am is:

The Driver – The Groom – The Checkbook – #LifeofaJrRodeoMom!

Taking that concept I put my creative skills to work to create my own line of hats, shirts and sweatshirts to fund the ever growing expense of  being a mom to a up and coming rodeo star!

So welcome!

The Rodeo Gypsy


What is the 101?

What is the 101? I answer that question at least once a day, more when I am wearing my ear tag hat! The 101 is a forth generation cattle brand that my dad’s dad’s dad started using on his own cattle in Eastern Oregon around 1920, it has since been passed onto my Uncle Rick and adopted by myself for my clothing company!

My first creations that rocked the 101 tag were those custom designed for Rodeo Queens, today it is the face of my growing clothing brand and custom hat business!

The 101 is more than just a brand it symbolizes heritage, history, and my western way of life!

With Love,

The Rodeo Gypsy

Home of the Rodeo Gypsy