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I jokingly call myself the driver, groom, and the checkbook to my daughter who Jr. Rodeos. But before we ever embarked on that journey I was a little rodeo gypsy, those adventures fueled some of my creative ideas and most of my '"re-ride" stories.

Inside Jokes that led to Big Ideas

I always have been known for saying what ever came to my mind, this at times doesn’t always play out well for me, but usually ends in a great story! That is were most of my shirt and hat ideas have come from and this months shirt is no exception to that!

During what I like to call my “Fitch” years I was known to have maybe to good of a good time, and “Fitch” (my alter ego as she became known to people) had her own way of telling people or cowboys just how it was going to be.

So in honor of the Summer Run starting my June t-shirt is dedicated to the Cowboys who might have gotten one of those Fitch “Un-Notified Turn Outs”.

You might ask yourself how does one become an “Un-Notified Turn Out”, well if you rodeo that is defined as a contestant who fails to notify the Rodeo Secretary before hand. In a rodeo relationship it simple means that one day you just stop calling or answering the phone. Not always are these relationships bad endings usually its mutual its just one of the many ways these things end.

So cheers to Your Next Un-Notified Turn Out ~

The Rodeo Gypsy turned Jr. Rodeo Mom


24 for the Tenth Time

For some reason at 24 I just stopped counting how old I was and it defiantly wasn’t because my 24th year was a banner one, because it was far from banner,  but the number sure stuck with me. The best part about birthdays (for me anyway) is how many people actually acknowledge them and send Facebook messages and posts it actually makes my day more than presents, even though I did receive some very wonderful gifts 60 boxes of my favorite valentines candy, a new kitchen chicken to water my plants, and new sun glasses to replace the ones I swear I left in my moms car.

So cheers to 24 for the tenth time – I fear that I am going to have to move up a few numbers next year so people don’t get suspicious!

Love ~

The Jr Rodeo Mom




Third Generation Rodeo Mom

I spent another Mother’s Day with my mom and my daughter.  Not in the traditional “Hallmark” sense that the majority of mothers spend their day.  There was no breakfast in bed, lavish flowers, and/or gifts. We spent our Mother’s Day together, and like so many years before, at a rodeo. We are lucky to be a part of a community that is home to one of the country’s oldest women’s only rodeo associations, The Idaho Girls Rodeo Association.  For as many years as myself and the others who find ourselves as directors can continue the tradition of annually hosting a Mother’s Day Rodeo. A day were generations come together to compete and have fun.

In our family, the big winner is usually the youngest of us, my daughter, Taylor.  She is mounted on the best horses we have, and she shares her good horse with her Nana (sometimes) so that she can compete as well. Me, I ride the young up-and-coming mounts that in a few short years will belong to Taylor or Nana, who ever needs them first.

For once Taylor wasn’t the only “big” winner of the weekend! If you can count placing in the Novice Barrels a big win, in my defense the Novice is just as tough as the open, so a win is a win right? Really Taylor would have been the big winner but struggled in the Barrels & Poles tipping one in each to place, but as my grandpa would have said to me “that’s just rodeo sis”. She however redeemed herself in the goat tying, that is “her” event it’s the one event she full heartily wants to win. The last girl rodeo her goat got up causing her to get a no time, and since then we have been in full redemption mode and it showed! On the nana front well she learned that the old sorrel mare fires hard in the pole bending (I tried to tell her) and that made her decide that even though spanky isn’t going to win her any money she will just stick with Mr. Tried & True!

So Happy Late Mothers Days to all those rodeo mom’s I hope it was spent doing what you love!

**Photo Credit to Jonni Smith of Homedale, Idaho**


The 101 … Home of the Rodeo Gypsy

The Creation of the 101 goes hand in hand with my western lifestyle! I fondly have joked for the last seven years all I am is:

The Driver – The Groom – The Checkbook – #LifeofaJrRodeoMom!

Taking that concept I put my creative skills to work to create my own line of hats, shirts and sweatshirts to fund the ever growing expense of  being a mom to a up and coming rodeo star!

So welcome!

The Rodeo Gypsy

What is the 101?

What is the 101? I answer that question at least once a day, more when I am wearing my ear tag hat! The 101 is a forth generation cattle brand that my dad’s dad’s dad started using on his own cattle in Eastern Oregon around 1920, it has since been passed onto my Uncle Rick and adopted by myself for my clothing company!

My first creations that rocked the 101 tag were those custom designed for Rodeo Queens, today it is the face of my growing clothing brand and custom hat business!

The 101 is more than just a brand it symbolizes heritage, history, and my western way of life!

With Love,

The Rodeo Gypsy